Pharmaceutical Grade, Organic, Non-GMO, Canadian Made CBD for your Pets!

About Us

Spoiled Rotten’ s Mission

To provide a natural, non GMO, Canadian locally produced organic CBD product to our Furry Friends !

Spoiled Rotten was founded in 2004 originally as a pet service company that cares for 300-400 pets a day, from dogs and cats to exotics and farm animals. We have won many awards for our services and voted number 1 year after year!

Out of necessity, we were seeking a pure and natural CBD products for our own pets as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.  Through our own personal use of CBD for pets, we discovered many of our clients both human and furry were seeking the same but unsure where to go and what to buy.

All of the CBD products we sell are hemp-derived, pharmaceutical grade, non GMO, organic and Canadian made.

We ship across Canada and are only a phone call or email away to help sooth your pets ailments!